Klaartjes kaas

Klaartjes kaas

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Cheese affineur de Wilde has its own cheese brand 'Klaartjes kaas'. The young Gouda cheese ripens in Sint-Niklaas for four to twelve months on wooden planks.

About 50 tons of North Holland Gouda lay in the cheese ripening De Wilde. The creamy young Klaartjes cheese ripens for another 2 weeks in the ripening room, spicy matured cheese ripens for 5 months while old Klaartjes cheese rests for 11 to 12 months. The cheese master turns and washes these cheeses weekly and watches over the ripening process of the cheeses. They are also coated several times so that they get a nice shiny crust.

'Klaartjes perfect oud' cheese became the winner of the silver medal at the World Cheese Awards 2015-2016. Worth a try!

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