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Almost 3 decades of folk music in Belsele

Musicclub 't Ey is a small venue that captivated its bold mission in 1992: bring fragile and accoustic music to Belsele. Its view on what folk music is or should be , is a very wide one: intercultural and very diverse.
Because concerts at 't Ey are of a small scale and very intimite, they deliver an intense and pure musical experience for both the performers and the audience.

More than just concerts

Besides concerts, 't Ey also organises exhibitions of different art forms (t'Eygallerij') and workshops (mostly about folk music or instruments).
't Ey also houses its own orchestra. Their open rehearsals are free to be enjoyed by visitors and carry the name of FTF-TLS: Fanteyfare Tune Learning Sessions.

Co-productions all around

Musicclub 't Ey collaborates with many other cultural instances within the city like the academy of arts, Sint-Niklaas' cultural center, many other venues, local and national associations to organise larger activities.

Unique exportproduct of Belsele

't Ey has an indisputed reputation as a place where there's always something new and wonderful to be discovered. Not only in the world of folk music, but for many other musicloving minds as well. 
't Ey is a local produce of Belsele but with an interlocal appeal.

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