The Statue of Saint-Nicholas

The Statue of Saint-Nicholas

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In front of City Hall, you'll encounter the iconic statue of Sinterklaas, probably the most photographed work of art in the entire city of Sint-Niklaas. The statue is even depicted in the tourism signs along the E17 highway.

In 1217, Saint Nicholas, or Sinterklaas, became the patron of the city of Sint-Niklaas. Most recognizable for the popular children's friend are the miter, red cloak and cane.

In 1997, artist Achiel Pauwels created a tremendous masterpiece with this impressive ceramic statue: it is 4.5 metres high and it is assembled with about 300 pieces of a three-dimensional puzzle. The city of Sint-Niklaas gave children in primary school the opportunity to determine what the statue of Sinterklaas would look like. Ultimately, they fell for the colourful work by Achiel Pauwels. Allowing the children to make this decision also underlines the child-friendly character of the city of Sint-Niklaas.

In 2013, vandals ruined the statue, but it has been restored in its glory.

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