Janssens Manor (exterior)

Janssens Manor

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At the moment, Huis Janssens is in restoration. When the works are finished, the stately town house will shine like never before, as the fa├žade will be restored in its original glorious colours.

In 1878 Alfons Janssens ordered the construction of this unique mansion, because he wanted to display the status and legacy of his family. That's why he hired the architect who also built the magnificent city hall. At the age of 27, Janssens faught as a zouave alongside the pope, which explains the little statue of Pius IX in the alcove above the gate. Because of this, the mansion was often called the House of Pope Janssens.

In 1907, the city council of Sint-Niklaas bought Huis Janssens and turned it into a museum: the house became the principal seat of the 'Koninklijke Oudheidkundige Kring van het Land van Waas', which is one of the oldest historical circles in the country.

In the near future, the house of Alfons Janssens will be used as a venue for small concerts, recitals and lectures. The reopening will probably take place in 2022.

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