The Church of Saint Nicholas

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The Church of Saint Nicholas is the oldest church in the city. It was built here around 1217, when the parish of Saint Nicholas was founded. The church is named after Saint Nicholas of Myra, the patron of merchants. It is also the decanal church.

It all started at this very place.

The church's building history is a rather turbulent one, making it a fine example of the typical Flemish roman-gothic style that is often found in churches along the river Scheldt. What started as a wooden chapel soon became a roman style brick church. Throughout the years a number of gothic style expansions were built and the most recent building fase in 1900 added a touch of baroque as well.

Right next to the church lies the intimate Saint Nicholas Square (Sint-Nicolaasplein), which is surrounded by little bars and restaurants. During summer, the square is filled with delightful terraces. On wednesdays you can dance the night away during 'Sinnekloas danst' and Thursday nights the concerts in the square are definitely a feast for your ears.

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