The Salons

The Salons

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Today, The Salons are commonly known as the annual residence of Sinterklaas between 12 November and 6 December, but the impressive mansion in the Stationsstraat has a lot more to offer than the bedstead of Sinterklaas and his helpers' giant bunk bed.

The eclectic town house was built in 1928 by order of a textile merchant named Edmond Meert. He followed the 'Upstairs, downstairs' principle. Interesting fact: the current front door is the former service entrance, because Meert wanted the façade of his house to face the garden.

In the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, The Salons were a renowned banquet hall, the Carlton. Apart from the authentic decoration, projecting charm and grandeur, the museum also contains a fine collection of art.

Every year, a bunch of original activities are planned here: e.g. 'De salons in jonge handen' (The Salons in Young Hands) and the 'Museumnacht' (Night of the Museum).

The Salons are closed to the public until january 26th.

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